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Italian Texture with Glaze

The word “faux” means “fake” in French. Until recently, this word was reserved for anything that copied natural elements, such as wood grain or marble, and so on.

Today, with the rising popularity of decorative paint finishes, decorative artists have adopted the word faux as a standardized term used for everything from glazing to marbling, sponging, color wash, combing, rag rolling, and actual faux finishes.

Every home is different, and each client's taste differs. Some prefer 18th century colonial, some prefer new age contemporary. Whatever your taste, during our initial consultation, taking into account your decor, your lighting, the size and shape of your space, we will customize your order to transform your home into the environment you desire. A transformation that is pleasing, complimentary, and AMAZING!

Go With the Faux will provide sample boards for your review. Once you settle on your final colors, the work begins. You will see and feel the rooms transform into an entirely new space. Upon completion, the most likely response is...Wow!

The entire process is very exciting and the end result is stunning!

  1. BulletWhat is Faux Painting?

  1. BulletAdvantages of Faux Painting

Faux painting is far superior to typical wallpapering in many ways. First, faux painting can be applied to nearly all surfaces such as drywall, concrete, metal, steel, wood, fabric, glass, and ceramic to name a few.

Faux painting is far more practical than wallpaper. It will not peel off due to humidity or other environmental effects. Faux finishes age like fine wine. The older the are, the better they look. Touch-ups or repairs are possible without the need to disrupt the entire space. It also hides surface imperfections.

With faux painting, you can actually change the appearance of the room. You can make it “appear” smaller or larger as you wish. Either way, the end result is always...dramatic!

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